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Animals in My Attic Walls

What Kind of Animal is in My Attic and Walls??

Animals in my attic or Walls?

I hear noises in my attic and walls. What could be in there?

Noises in your attic and walls can be bats, birds, squirrels, opossums or raccoons.

Why do animals get in my attic or walls?

Animals move into attics for the safety of being isolated from predators for themselves and their litter. Making a home in a warm dry location is also a factor. Most animals that enter a house attic are females with their young.

How do animals get in my attic or walls?

Some of the ways animals gain entry include: an unscreened attic vent; a hole or crack under a rotted eave; a crack or separation where the chimney meets the house; loose or warped siding; an open cellar hatch; chimney; openings where pipes or wiring met the house; rotted window sills or a loose fitting screen.

Do animals in my attic or walls cause damage?

Animals cause a significant amount of damage when the wildlife enters your home or attic when it chews through the facia board or roof and gains access into your soffit and attic. Once they gain entry, they can chew through wires and their urine and droppings are a great health hazard.

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