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Bat Eviction – Bat Exclusion

Bat Eviction – Bat Exclusion

Bat Removal Service in Oakland County Michigan

Bat eviction and bat exclusion involves covering the openings the bats use to enter with netting or tubes. The bats can drop down and fly out, but are unable to crawl back in again.

Bat exclusion can be a big job especially with older homes that have many points of entry. Successful bat exclusion is best left to professionals. B&B Wildlife Removal not only performs evictions and exclusions, but will perform damage repair along with future damage prevention.

It’s important that we clean the guano and make sure all openings have been sealed. Any remaining odor will tell bats the house is a great hotel, and they will move right back in. Once the bats are out and the access points have been sealed, we repair the damage and the problem will be solved.

How do I know bats are in my attic?

Once living inside your attic, a bat colony will only stay and grow larger. You may not even know bats are present until piles of droppings are obvious, or a strong ammonia smell seeps throughout the house. Another sign may be if you see bats flying from the house at night. You may even find bat droppings in the fireplace after they’ve fallen down from the chimney, in the basement after they’ve fallen down through the walls from the attic.

Why are bats living in my attic?

Bats have responded to habitat loss by adapting to other available habitats, including houses, barns, country churches, condominiums, townhouses and apartment buildings. Bat colonies living in buildings during the summer are called nursery or maternity colonies because they consist of mothers and their young, known as pups. Bat pups need the high temperatures found in attics and buildings in order to grow fast and put on enough fat to survive hibernation. Female bats are exceptional parents and usually return with their female offspring to the same roost each year. Little Brown Bats are known to live thirty years or more.

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