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Videos of actual wildlife removal predicaments that we have encountered.  This area is new, so please check back for more coming soon! 

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Big mama raccoon got herself stuck inside the hole she dug through the roof and she died in there. We cut her out and removed her and repaired the hole.

Bill climbs up the ladder to humanely capture a raccoon.

Dead raccoon in overhang. We cut it out, removed it and repaired the hole.

Bats nesting inside gable vent. You can see the bats up in there along with their droppings causing damage to the property.

Bats nesting inside gable vent. One flies out but we found it.

Bats were nesting inside gable vent. Got the bats out and now time prevent them from re-entering with gable screens.

Squirrel coming back to entry point at gable end.

Bill humanely traps a live raccoon stuck in wall.

Dead raccoon in floor vent. We pulled it out, removed it and cleaned up the area.