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Bats In My House

How to tell if bats are in your house.

Oakland County Michigan MI

Are There Bats In My House?

Do you see a lot of droppings in the attic or around your home?

Bat guano and urine can build up in attics and eaves that have been used by bats, and even if you are not aware of the dung, you can be harmed by it. After droppings hava laid around for a couple of years, a fungus can grow in it, releasing spores into the air that cause histoplasmosis in humans.

Do you hear scratching noises in your attic?

Bats can get in your attic through 1/4 inch opening. If you wake up to some kind of thumping sound against the walls inside your house or hear annoying screeching, you could come to find a bunch of bats flying around inside of your house.

Have you ever had bats in your house before? Or have you ever seen one outside your home?

If you’ve seen one or two bats around your home or a bat flying in your house, you most likely have a bat problem.

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