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Bat Droppings on Porch

Where Are the Bats Roosting?

Bat Droppings on Porch?

What do bat droppings look like?

Bat droppings look similar to mouse droppings but they are different. Bats eat insects so you can distinguish them from those of small rodents because of their friability. They are easily crushed with a pencil eraser which reveal shiny bits of undigested insect chitin (the exoskeleton of the insect). In contrast, rodent droppings are unsegmented, harder, and more fibrous. They do not contain shiny fragments.

Where are the bats roosting to get droppings on the porch?

Bats could be living under the eaves of the porch overhang. They could even be under the siding. If you begin observing the area around dusk perhaps you can see where they are coming from. They can hang out in unbelievably small cracks and crevasses.

Should I be concerned if the bats are only outside of my home?

More and more cases are being reported in the growing rate of Bat Rabies. There is great concern regarding a national vaccine shortage. You should never attempt to remove bats yourself if you have problems with them roosting in or around your home or property. B&B Wildlife Removal Service will humanely remove the bats and relieve your bat problem.

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