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Damage Repair and Prevention


Damage Repair and Prevention

Bat Damage

Bat Point of Entry
Bat Droppings
Bat Colony Roosting
Bats – Point of Entry

Bird Damage

Birds – Point of Entry
Birds Nest in Attic
Birds Nest and Droppings in Attic
Point of Entry
Birds – Repair and Prevention

Chipmunk Damage

Chipmunk Point of Entry
Chipmunk Humanely Trapped
Chipmunk Stuck in Bird Feeder
Chipmunk Droppings
Chipmunk Entry Hole in Fence

Groundhog / Woodchuck Damage

Groundhog in Hole
Groundhog in Hole
Abandoned Groundhog Hole
Groundhog – Adult
Groundhog Invasion

Opossum and Skunk Damage

Opossums in Attic
Porch had to be broken up to pull out dead skunk.
Skunk Droppings (Skat)
Skunks Rescued and Humanely Trapped
Skunk Cage Block-In from a Den Under Home Foundation

Raccoon Damage

Raccoon Entry
Raccoon Entry
Raccoon Humanely Trapped
Raccoon Footprints in Garage
Raccoon Droppings on Roof

Squirrel Damage

Squirrels and a Point of Entry
Squirrel Entry
Squirrels Humanely Trapped at Point of Entry to be Relocated
Squirrel Damage Prevention
Squirrel Droppings in Attic

Exclusions / Closures

Custom attic fan box screen
Bat Exclusions Closure 1
Bat Exclusions Closure 2
Bat Exclusions Closure 3
Custom sheet metal closure 1
Custom sheet metal closure 2
Custom sheet metal closure 3
Can Vent Screens
Gable Screens Installed
Gable Screens Installed
Gable Screen
Gable Screen
Garage Door Shields - Mice, rat and chipmunk blockers
Garage Door Shields – Mice, rat and chipmunk blockers
Gable End Screen
Gable End Screen
Air Vent Screening
Air Vent Screening