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Raccoon Removal Detroit Michigan – Wayne County MI

Raccoon Removal in Detroit Michigan

Detroit Raccoon Removal

  • Raccoon Control in Detroit Michigan

  • Removal of Raccoons in Attics

  • Raccoon Removal from Homes and Buildings

  • Humane Raccoon Trapping and Relocation

  • Raccoon Damage Repairs and Prevention


Damage Control of Nuisance Raccoons in Detroit, Michigan

Raccoons create the worst damage of all nuisance wildlife. Raccoons are a big health hazard harboring disease harmful to humans. Raccoon damages include:

    Raccoon Removal Detroit Michigan

  • Raccoons carry roundworm eggs that can cause fatal effects to humans and pets.
  • Raccoons can get into attics causing extreme costly damage.
  • Raccoons will tear up attic insulation.
  • Raccoons damage duct work.
  • Raccoons can dig holes in your house and tear up your attic screens.
  • Raccoons will turn over trash cans, dig holes in your yard and under porches.
  • Raccoons enter attics, chimneys and soffits (eaves) which provide a safe place to have babies and live.
  • In very little time, raccoons are capable of destroying your insulation and filling your attic with harmful and odorous urine and feces.

Raccoon Removal Services in Detroit, Michigan

Raccoons will become a huge problem doing some serious damage if not addressed in a timely manner. Raccoons are abundant in Detroit. Raccoons in Detroit will become aggressive and bite, scratch or claw to defend their home, especially to defend their babies.

If you have raccoons in your home or business, contact us today to avoid costly raccoon damage to your home and commercial property. We provide raccoon removal services along with damage repair and prevention throughout Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan MI.

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